Thursday, September 2, 2010

Team Up Thursday - Keeper

It's Team Up Thursday again...  

Our theme this week is Keeper.  I had lots of ideas for this one. What first came to mind was a shot of the mile high stack of boxes that I still have yet to unpack from our move. It seems I'm a "keeper" of everything!  

But then I came across this sweet photo of my Little O-monster .  With September arriving, bringing a whiff of fall into the air - we will soon see pumpkin patches scattered everywhere.
We brought this little "keeper" home, painted him a funny face and there he sat perched, ready to spook all those who dare.  The pumpkin turned out cute too, hee hee! :)

Below, the sweetest photo of Krista's daughter and her little "Keeper" -Dirty Ted. Oh the stories that Ted could tell... I am sure he is sworn to secrecy! Pinky Promise!

Now back to the stacks of boxes I mentioned... I will be unpacking them all very soon. It's time to get back to work yall... and I am in the mood to create lots of spooky treats just in time for Halloween!!! xo

Thanks for taking the time to see what we have been up too!

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Cathy Bueti said...

Kim, this is a beautiful post! And as I commented to Krista are lovely! You both work well together! Have a great day! :)