Friday, September 25, 2009

Illustration Friday Topic: Pattern

Unfortunately I can not sew a dress from a pattern
.... but I can paint one! :)

Thanks for taken the time to see 
what I've been up to!
xoxox - Kim

Saturday, September 19, 2009

Illustration Topic - Infinite

Celebrating 11 years! 
:) Thanks for taking a peek!
xoxo - Kim

Friday, September 11, 2009

Portrait of an Artist...

So normally, I wouldn't post posed photographs of myself on my blog or anywhere else for that matter. Mainly because, well lets be honest I usually look like a GOON in photographs.  I am either blinking, making quirky faces or showing off 5 chins... it does not make for pretty!!!

...But after my super extreme haircut I decided it was time to update some photos and create my new Artist Profile, if you will.... :)

Bloggers Beware....  I am about to brag... not about my un-natural born beauty, but about the talented eye behind the camera, my little sister, Emily Brown.   Starting out, Emily was best know for her incredible self portraits taken with just the click of her cellphone camera (see below).  She has since invested in a new camera and is making a go of it professionally! 


So off we went on a beautiful Florida Sunny/Rainy Day.... And Voila, see for yourself ... AMAZING... if I do say so myself! :)  Not quirky...Not blinking...And no 5 chin pile up! Just simply Lovely & Amazing!  

Thank you Emily for a fabulous day 
and making me look less like a GOON.
YOU are Lovely & Amazing!!!       
Love You!!! xoxox

AND to the rest of you folks....
Thanks for taking the time! 
:) xoxoxooo - Kim

Monday, September 7, 2009

Cheers to Happy Endings & New Beginnings!


Please excuse the dust that has settled upon this blog, for it has been a few weeks since we have posted. Well... we've been busy with this and that.... For one, our kids have all started school again, which was so bitterlysweet. The new found silence in our homes is both lonely and blissful.

Kim celebrated a wedding anniversary (11 years - whoo hoo) & a high school reunion (20 years - oh my!!!) And... she got an extreme haircut.... yikes :) ! Krista has been...super busy painting,and filling orders (yay!), going green one dryer at a time (not so good), and working as a part time chauffeur for two very busy kiddos!

Might we mention that Soggy Dog Studios has been operating as both an art studio and an animal rescue these past few weeks as coincidentally enough, we both found stray dogs. We must smell like milk bones!

And of course there's been soccer, Pop Warner football, cheerleading(Go South Lake) and a little bit of art making to boot!

Ok - so now that we have caught you up with the going-ons in our lives.... you might have noticed a bit of a change around here.... which brings us to our Announcement...

Roll the Tape...

So there it is people.... for all you gossipers & drama queens - there's no turmoil here... :)  We each simply needed more space to spread our wings and claim our own identities.

Now quit wasting time and hop on over to Krista's blog... right here!
You can also shop till you drop at her new Etsy store right here

And forever and always, thanks for taken the time to see what we've been up too!!!

xoxoxooo - Kim & Krista