Saturday, November 14, 2009

Illustration Friday Topic: Unbalanced

This IF topic could not have come at a more appropriate time... 
as I am completely feeling totally UnBaLaNCed at this given moment!  

Here's an old sketch that definitely lends itself to my definition of Unbalanced!!!   

Thanks for taking the time!

xoxo - Kim

Monday, November 9, 2009

Sunday, November 8, 2009

Give Me FIVE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

THE FIFTH DAY OF BLOGGING HAS ARRIVED... Actually I almost missed it.  I had already hopped into bed and started watching the Telly, when ... BoNK.. it hit me right on the head that I had not blogged.  If it weren't for having been so committed to the first four days, I probably would have just hit *SNOOZE*zzzzzzzzzzzz   

Though I have Blogged for Five, I didn't share half of what I was planning to!  And now sadly most of the stuff I wanted to share is dated... but I did promise my little guy Owen that I would post his Farm Trip photos to my blog....  So here we go! Watch where you step and mind the pictures, they are a little fuzzy - it's camera phone photography at it's best!

Owen catches dinner!  These poor chickens had 15 or more 6 year olds chasing after them... I've never seen anything like it!  Notice the children in the background catching Hens too!

Chow time... Don't be mistaken by their goat like appearance... 
these were some greedy little Pigs!!!

Ahhhh the Hay Ride... 

Just how many boys can you fit on a tractor?  
Notice there are NO GIRLS!!!!!!!! ohh maybe just one!

Oink Oink!
Makes you want one huh!  Loved this pig! 

SMILE & Say PuMpKiN!

Just before Halloween, Krista and I had the pleasure of painting fall windows for our children's classrooms....  

Let me just say even though Owen is wearing a jumper in this photo, the FLORIDA weather outside was NOT feeling like Fall :(

Anyway, that's it for now.... 
Thanks for taking the time to see what I've been up to for 5 DAYS!

:) xoxo - Kim

Friday, November 6, 2009

Dear Santa....

It's that time of year again, ready or not! 
So put on your Jingle Bells and dust off your Holiday Spirit!
It was my honor to illustrate the above promo for 

Here are the details...

Dear Santa
By Norm Foster

November 20, 2009 - December 20, 2009

It is the time of year to peek into the magical and timeless world of the North Pole, bustling workshops, cheerful elves and the jolly old leader himself, Santa Claus. Santa’s efficient, yet frenzied Chief of Staff, the ditzy housekeeper with a secret crush, the high-pressure sleigh salesman and the workshop foreman who does not quite command the English language all combine to keep the place running like clockwork, with the exception of a few mishaps. Soon, a request from one child’s letter throws everything off course and the answer lies in rediscovering the Christmas spirit. Fun for the whole family.

Show times: Fridays at 7pm, Saturdays at 2pm & 7pm and Sundays at 2pm

Sonny’s Family Night – December 12th, 2009
Dinner: 5:30 pm Show: 7:00 pm
Backstage Tour - December 5th after the 2pm show

Thanks to my friend Jeff Revels of The Orlando Repertory Theater for this special opportunity!

This completes my FOURTH DAY OF BLOGG'N
Thanks for taking a look. xoxo - Kim

Falling Backwards Just To Get Ahead

Today was a humble day.
It was a day of giving up things in order to gain....

A peace of mind...
An extra penny in the pocket...
A surreal sense of reality in the world we live in...

Today was a day to realize what really matters... and what really doesn't.

Thanks to Today, I believe in the Possibilities of Tomorrow!

Cheers to the Third Day of BloGGinG!
Thanks for Taking the Time!
xoxo - Kim

RIP my Sweet Iphone!

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

On the Second Day of Blogging... la dah dee dah dee dah

Because I may have over blogged my welcome yesterday and because I just arrived home at 9:21pm from my 11 year old's soccer practice (you'd think he was playing pro with the practice schedule),  I am keeping this blog post Short and Sweet...  

It's that time again for Go Green at Artistree Co-op (formally known as Cottage Industry).   FREE Mimosas & Dessert!!! For those of you who are not re-gifting this year, Artistree Co-op is the place to shop. FREE Mimosas & Dessert!!! Featuring the brilliant talents of local Central Florida Artists, your handmade gift purchases will be adored by all those who receive!   FREE Mimosas & Dessert!!!  Many of the Artists will be on location to meet and greet!   And if that doesn't persuade you... there will be FREE Mimosas & Dessert!!!  :)

Please comment below to RVSP !!! :) 

Thanks for taking the time!
Come back tomorrow for the 3rd Day of BLOGGIN'

:) xoxoxo
- Kim

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Playing Catch up

Hi Strangers...  I am back... from doing nothing and everything!
You know how there's this thing that you need to do and you want to do, but you can't find time to do and then when you do find time to do it, its like you don't know where to start for all the things that have piled up. That would be my blog!   I have a list from here to Timbuktu of the things I have to gab about. That's why I have scheduled my mind for FIVE DAYS OF BLOGGING....  So BeWaRe!!!     First things first - I had a Birthday (October 21)!!!!!!!!!!  

You'll never guess how old I am... that's what I said to the 12 year old cashier who carded me for my bottle of wine the other day.  She wasn't as amused as I was!    So just for kicks, take a wild guess how old I am... I will give you a few clues....   

Yep you guessed it 29!

For my birthday I got some great gifts from my blogger & artist friends.

TJ who shares the same birthday as me, sent me lots of yummy goodies from Holland!!
Dutch cookies, candies & cute as pie illustrations!

Just look at this adorable card TJ made for me!!!  And for when I go to visit... 
 she sent me a book on How to survive Holland...  Love the humor in this book!
Thank you TJ for all my goodies!!!  xoxoxo

Check out TJ's Blogspot here to see
 her lovely illustrations that are sooooo full of charm!  
I sent her one of my mermaids for her birthday too!


My good friend Krista from The Accidental Artist gave me a beaded print of her Faith Hope & Love print.  I've been begging her for this one and so it was a super lovely surprise to receive it as a gift for my birthday!  Thank you my friend!!! You know I LoVe it!


My dear friend Lauren treated me to dinner and gave me this Vera Bradley Tea & Journal set.

Since I have given up my habitual morning take out coffee, I have been collecting mugs and teacups to soothe my soul.... this one does it for sure!!!!  Thanks Sweet Lauren!!!


My little sister Emily from Pretty Girl in Maitland hooked me up with some Earl Grey Tea and my most favorite thing ever... a Mermaid travel mug from Starbucks.  Emily recently started working at Starbucks part time, in between photography shoots!  So  Yay - I've got connections!

And from my boys.... I got the best gift ever!!!!!!!!! :)
A super BIG & HUGE button that says......

And yes I wore it ALL day! :)

WHEELS!!!  I got wheels too!!! A Toyota 4-Runner to be exact... 
I will say it wasn't a surprise as I knew it was coming eventually. My husband and I have been sharing a car for a what seemed like forever (3 weeks to be exact).  This being because He sold my other Beloved hunk of junk on Craig's List  (that's a whole other story that I will save for a rainy day).  So perhaps it was just good timing, but it was incredible to get new wheels on my birthday.    

It was truly an aMaZiNG day... I am blessed!!! And I am cool with being 38, I am older but wiser and STILL GETTING CARDED!!!! :)  

Sooo with all that said.... I will start planning 
See you tomorrow!

Thanks for taking a peek!!
xoxoxo - Kim