Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Playing Catch up

Hi Strangers...  I am back... from doing nothing and everything!
You know how there's this thing that you need to do and you want to do, but you can't find time to do and then when you do find time to do it, its like you don't know where to start for all the things that have piled up. That would be my blog!   I have a list from here to Timbuktu of the things I have to gab about. That's why I have scheduled my mind for FIVE DAYS OF BLOGGING....  So BeWaRe!!!     First things first - I had a Birthday (October 21)!!!!!!!!!!  

You'll never guess how old I am... that's what I said to the 12 year old cashier who carded me for my bottle of wine the other day.  She wasn't as amused as I was!    So just for kicks, take a wild guess how old I am... I will give you a few clues....   

Yep you guessed it 29!

For my birthday I got some great gifts from my blogger & artist friends.

TJ who shares the same birthday as me, sent me lots of yummy goodies from Holland!!
Dutch cookies, candies & cute as pie illustrations!

Just look at this adorable card TJ made for me!!!  And for when I go to visit... 
 she sent me a book on How to survive Holland...  Love the humor in this book!
Thank you TJ for all my goodies!!!  xoxoxo

Check out TJ's Blogspot here to see
 her lovely illustrations that are sooooo full of charm!  
I sent her one of my mermaids for her birthday too!


My good friend Krista from The Accidental Artist gave me a beaded print of her Faith Hope & Love print.  I've been begging her for this one and so it was a super lovely surprise to receive it as a gift for my birthday!  Thank you my friend!!! You know I LoVe it!


My dear friend Lauren treated me to dinner and gave me this Vera Bradley Tea & Journal set.

Since I have given up my habitual morning take out coffee, I have been collecting mugs and teacups to soothe my soul.... this one does it for sure!!!!  Thanks Sweet Lauren!!!


My little sister Emily from Pretty Girl in Maitland hooked me up with some Earl Grey Tea and my most favorite thing ever... a Mermaid travel mug from Starbucks.  Emily recently started working at Starbucks part time, in between photography shoots!  So  Yay - I've got connections!

And from my boys.... I got the best gift ever!!!!!!!!! :)
A super BIG & HUGE button that says......

And yes I wore it ALL day! :)

WHEELS!!!  I got wheels too!!! A Toyota 4-Runner to be exact... 
I will say it wasn't a surprise as I knew it was coming eventually. My husband and I have been sharing a car for a what seemed like forever (3 weeks to be exact).  This being because He sold my other Beloved hunk of junk on Craig's List  (that's a whole other story that I will save for a rainy day).  So perhaps it was just good timing, but it was incredible to get new wheels on my birthday.    

It was truly an aMaZiNG day... I am blessed!!! And I am cool with being 38, I am older but wiser and STILL GETTING CARDED!!!! :)  

Sooo with all that said.... I will start planning 
See you tomorrow!

Thanks for taking a peek!!
xoxoxo - Kim


The Accidental Artist said...

LOL!! So this is my favorite post yet!!! Oh and I'm never blogging agin because I'm not nearly as funny as you!! Thanks for the plug..plug...plug...plug...plug!!

Kaili said...

Very clever! But 29? I swear all the clues pointed to 38? LOL Happy Birthday, sounds like you has a wonderful time

Annette Q said...

Heheh! Happy Birthday to you :-

Mary said...

Happy Birthday!!! What nice gifts!!

TJ Lubrano said...

Woohoo!! Such lovely gifts you got! I love the Starbucks mug!

I think no one will guess your age heheheh ^_^!! It was an awesome bday huh?! I'm glad we share the same day ^_^! And let me say it again...because I say it whenever I get the change...I LOVE the MERMAID and MAGNETS! They have creativity written all over it! They will get a special place in my room ^_^! Thanks for everything! XOXOX!