Thursday, April 14, 2011

Desperately Seeking Sanity!

 Where does the time go?

I ask this question seriously, in hopes of an answer that will change my life!   There are those of you out there that LOOK like you've got it all together. Seriously DO YOU? And if so HOW?  I NEED to know this secret.  

How do you run a 24HR Maid & Laundry Operation, a Recreational Shuttle Service and a Gourmet Kitchen, work out everyday, create brilliant master pieces, write a daily BLOG, work a "real" part-time job, walk the dog, pet the cat and be the bestest MOMMY and SEXIEST wife EVER????    

HELP a girl out... if you know the secret to stuffing 72 hours worth of sweat, LoVe and tears into 12 hours... I am listening!!!!  :)

xoxo - Kim