Monday, December 29, 2008

Hip Hip Hurray & Happy Holidays too!

We are proud to announce that You'nique Images of Leesburg, Florida 
has won the Downtown Leesburg Window Decorating Contest 
for the second holiday in a row (Halloween/Fall, Christmas/Winter).  

Soggy Dog Studios was invited once again by Terri of You'nique Images 
to paint her Main Street store front windows.

Inspired by Dr. Suess, our tale went a little something like this....

"Twas a busy night before Christmas for Sally and Me
We lit a fire, wrapped presents and decorated the tree.
Thing 1 tied up Grinch with Christmas Light String.
Then we snacked on a ham and eggs colored green.
As we waited for Christmas to come with a treat.
We wished Happy Holidays to All on Main Street."

Here Terri accepts her FIRST PLACE AWARD

Congratulations!!!!  We are proud of our second win!!!

As always... thanks for taking time to see what we've been up to!!!

- Kim & Krista

Sunday, December 21, 2008

Ho Ho Ho...

Wow... The holidays sure have kept us busy!!!
No worries we have snapped a few pictures along the way for proof of why we haven't been in the studio!

Here Krista and her family share a warm... I mean chilly winter's night on the ice.  
Didn't it snow that night?
Nothing better than an outdoor ice rink in Florida!!!!

It's soooo cold outside that brother and sister are forced to snuggle to keep warm!

When your down, just smile and get back up on your feet!  

And here are my boys making cookies for Santa...

And we couldn't for get our doggies!!!

Ohhh... it seems Krista did sneak in the studio for a bit.... 
I just LOVE her hippo.... I am hoping she will do a whole series of these... soo keep watch!

We are excited to get back into the studio... we'll keep you updated on our new creations!

Thanks for taking the time to see what we've been up too!

- Kim

Friday, December 12, 2008

News Flash!!!

We are excited to announce that our artwork is displayed online at Mommy Mastermind.

LinkThis is an exciting time for us! We've gathered a group of talented, forward-thinking at-home moms in one place: the new This is an online magazine featuring the talents, musings, and information from the moms who've been there done that.

In this first issue, you can read articles about everything from being a "bad mommy" to business how-to's. Why do we have all of this variety? The Mommy Mastermind online magazine is about you. All of you. Not just the mom. Not just the entrepreneur and not just the kids. It's about all of you.You wear a lot of hats mom. Here, you're going to read about all of them.

Welcome to the new

Angelia Kane
Editor and at-home mom

Thanks for taking the time to see what we've been up to!

Kim & Krista

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

It's Begining to Look A lot Like Christmas...

at the Brock's... ....and at the Turner's

And everywhere we go....Celebration Florida

The Turners....

and The Brocks

spread a little mischief and cheer.

It was an honorable pleasure to create the backdrop for
the Children's Christmas Program
at Mosaic Church.
Presenting: A Stranger in the Manger
starring: young folk

Thank you for letting us take part!

We've been painting the town red with
our holiday window painting...

Keep a look out
We've got lots more snow to shovel!

Kim & Krista
Soggy Dog Studios

Special Delivery...Etsy Shop Update!!!

With Christmas right around the corner we thought we'd update the shop! Check out our Etsy store and stay posted for more to come in the next couple of days!

Monday, December 8, 2008