Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Goodbye 2010...

My last painting of 2010! :)
Altered prints of this painting can be purchased here!

It is with a great big sigh that I say goodbye to 2010. This year took me on a twisted curvy ride.
  • Moved TWICE - saying sad goodbyes to close friends and neighbors.
  • Visited France... and never wanted to leave! 
  • Upon returning from France, one week later I started a full time job, which left my studio & blogging time chopped in half.

On the greener side of the grass.... I am healthy (although I am feeling a little more plump these days). And my kids are safe and sound. In the end, that is all that really matters! 
    2010 - You left me overwhelmed with chaos and clutter...but I have great plans in store for 2011 - so buckle up! :)

    Thanks for taking the time 
    to see what I've been up to all year!!
    xox - Kim

    Sunday, December 26, 2010

    Happy Holidays to those I LoVe
    ...and Goodwill to those I don't! 
    ;) xoxo

    Wednesday, December 8, 2010

    Swap Swamped!

     I think I got a little carried away with the blog swaps this year... I must have signed up for anything that crossed my desktop....  Don't get me wrong I LOVE every last bit of it, but I procrastinate and then I seep into perfectionism.  Both of these get the best of me up to the very sec before deadline.

    This is my third time participating in Zan's swap.  I am not a doll maker by any definition of the sort, but I do have fun making these whimsy creations and hope their new homes enjoy them as much as I do making them.   

    Here is my latest doll swap creation made for Jan of The Hermit's Garden.  We both decided to create studio elves for each other.

    Clothed in canvas, stuffed with sweetness and handpainted with good lucks! I love his little scarf, it was by accident that it curled up as if to be blown by a blizzardy breeze. My sweet little elf is on his way to Texas!


     Hosted by Louise at Dream, Inspire Create.
     THE CHALLENGE: You can only use the colors: 
    Red, Green or Gold

    three tweet treats 
    (say that 5 times fast )

    Being sent to my 3 ornament swap buddies

    You can see other swapped ornaments here
    Many Thanks! 
    • Thanks to Zan and Louise for hosting the swap!
    • Thanks to my swap buddies, I am very excited to see what comes my way!!!
    • And thank you for taking the time to see what I've been up too!
    :) xoxo - Kim

    Monday, November 29, 2010

    The GREAT BIG Stitched Postcard Swap

    Twas a celebration of fabric, paper, ink, paint, and thread as artists world-wide designed postcards to swap!!!  

    We cut, We tore, We sewed, We assembled, We glued and  We stamped these beautiful creations.. 

    The GREAT BIG Stitched 
    Postcard Swap.

    Below is my whimsical creation that will be sent to Kylie of One Red Fox!!!

    Check out Kylie's talented works of art and design at her blog, here.

    My sweet postcard peeks through protected clear plastic as it makes it's way too Australia!!!  I was a bit late in sending it off as I've been a bit overwhelmed with holiday orders and creating inventory for the shoppes.  

    Next on the list... Holiday Doll Swap and Ornament Swap... Ohhhh My!

    Thanks for taking a peek!!!
    :) xoxo - Kim

    Thursday, November 18, 2010

    Upcycle... it's the new Recycle

    Clever creations are unfolding just in time for the holidays.  Thrifting has become my latest craze. Finding forgotten things and imagining them in their second life has given me some much needed inspiration.   

    Here's a little sneak peak of what I've been up to...  

    Ive been spinning vintage globes into some funky art.  The globe below reads: "Be the change you want to be in the world" - Gandhi
    "Honor the past, Live in the present, Create the future"

    Found this little horsey in GoodWill...
    Forgive me if I do say so myself,
    "She Rocks"!!! 

    These little treasures are on sale here in my shoppe.  Email me to customize a globe for what is going on your world. I am offering 20% discount on any globe art with provided globe!

    More to come!
    Thanks for taking the time to see what I've been up to!!!
    xox - Kim

    Friday, October 1, 2010

    Flyday Friday!

    Grab your brooms... 
    Lets Fly!

    Wednesday, September 29, 2010

    Monday, September 27, 2010

    HB2U Mom

    My Mom would have turned 59 yesterday, 
    born on September 26 1951.

    She became an angel ten years ago.  Since her passing on, some years I remember ahead that the day is coming. But some years the day creeps up on me and hits me with a sad surprise.

    This was one of those years.  I began to paint a new piece yesterday without any intentions or direction. I chopped up squares of paper, glued them to a wood canvas and painted it white.  Then I stared at the blank canvas for a while wondering what to paint. Before I knew it I was painting this heavenly angel, still not linking it to my Mom, or her birthday.

    I decided her dress needed something more... perhaps some inspirational words. Okay then what words??? It was then it hit me - Mom's Birthday!!!  

    I had a little giggle to think that it was my Mother sending me a message from above "Hello Down There... Remember Me??? It's My Birthday!!!"  

    So HB2U Mom!!!  I think of you everyday, but you know me..I'm not so good with dates!!! xox

    Thanks for taking the time 
    to see what I've been up to!
    :) xoxox - Kim

    Wednesday, September 22, 2010

    Buying Handmade in Central Florida

    For those of you who have ventured into Artistree Co-op, you know this to be an eclectic charming shop tucked within the heart of College Park.

    For those of you who live farther than yonder, I will give you a little scoop of what you are missing. Located in a tiny suburb of Orlando, FL, Artistree Co-op features the handmade goods of many local Central Florida Artists.  You'll find pottery, paintings, jewelry, clothing, glassware, knits, skincare, candles and dare I say it... much much more!  There's even a children's section and a place for  the kiddies to color and play.

    Being a Co-op, each artist volunteers their time and effort to ensure the co-op runs smoothly.  As my contribution to the co-op I work in the shoppe on Sundays.  Although it's hardly work at all, I love meeting and greeting all those who curiously wonder in.  I often bring something to work on while I am in the shop, which sometimes wows the customers to think they are meeting a real life artist at task.

    Artistree Co-op hosts several art events through out the year, Spring Into Handmade, Fall In Love With Handmade and Go Green,and is home to the College Park Farmers Market every Thursday.   This year's annual Fall In Love With Handmade is scheduled on October 16.(mark you calendars, details will follow)  We welcome you to come out and enjoy what will hopefully be a beautiful crisp autumn day.
    You won't go hungry while you shop as the co-op shares space with Infusion Tea, a vegetarian tea house cafe of sorts.  Infusion offers teas from around the world and serves some of the most delicious bites in town.  Just like off the set of FRIENDS, there's a cushy couch, chair and coffee table for all your pals to catch up on the latest. 
    Above is my little nook in the store,updated with my latest works of art.  I am getting very excited for the holidays as our shoppe fills with sleigh loads of tempting treasures.
    Thanks for taking the Artistree Tour with me.  I hope that you do come in if you are nearby.  Please visit the shop website and blog, which frequently features the co-op artists.
    As AlWaYs...Thanks for taking the time to see what I've been up too! xoxo ~ Kim

    Tuesday, September 21, 2010

    Hurray - Latest Works of Art!

    Though I refer to this blog as my "art blog" and often direct people here to see examples of my work, I have not uploaded any photos of my creations here in a while.  Living out of boxes, lack of internet connection and "blogger's block" have given me a parade of excuses.   But the parade is over people, so here are some of my latest works of art...

    All original work is now on Sale at Artistree Co-op.
    Look for Altered Prints coming soon on Etsy!
    Thanks for taking a peek at what I have been up to!!!
    xox - Kim

    A little note to those of you who receive my blog via email.  An early unedited post was delivered unexpectedly with all my grammar and spelling mishaps... You may receive an edited email as it is always scheduled to deliver the following day after the post day.   Sorry if Confused? ;)

    Thursday, September 16, 2010


    For this week's Team Up Thursday, Krista and I chose WONDER as our theme.  Again, my imagination was bursting with ideas to portray this theme. I chose a great photo opportunity that may answer some of your own wonder.... 

    Just who is the Dog behind the Blog? 

    Notorious for gnawing the limbs off toy action figures, able to leap kitchen counters in the name of FOOD and faster than you can shout "Get Off The Couch"... 

    Meet Soggy Dog, Dog Wonder.

    Never fear people, Soggy is not as tough as he looks. He is often found cuddling with our Cat while receiving a Kitty Lick Spa Bath, though he would never admit it.

    Six years ago, Soggy was rescued in the woods as a small pup along with his two sisters, who now belong to friends.  He has been the love of our life and the pain in our butt ever since.  I can't imagine the studio without him!

    Back to Team Up Thursday - I am very thankful to be participating.  It has rekindled my commitment to my blog and it keeps me in touch with my great friend Krista, whom I terribly miss living nearby. Check out WONDER at Krista's blog here.  And check out more Team Up Thursday diptychs here

    Thanks for taking a peek at 
    what we've been up too! 
    xox - Kim

    Tuesday, September 14, 2010

    My Travels...

    During the summer in between moving and before starting a full time job, I left my boys for 10 days to visit my high school BFF, Dinna and her family in Nice, France and to attend the baptism of her son, my Godson.  Family came from Paris, Greece, England and America to celebrate the blessings of this precious little boy, Alexi.

    At the time of my visit in June, Alexi was around 10 months old and full of sparkle and curiosity just like his mother Dinna, seen below.


    Dinna and her French husband Laurent own a Charcuterie, a gourmet type bistro offering varieties of foods cooked with pork.  It is nestled among cobblestone streets in a city, centuries old.


    The sea side in the South of France is like no other on Earth... Especially since I haven't been to any other seas on Earth aside from Florida Beaches, which are hardly a comparison. 


    Not far from Nice is the royal country of Monaco (seen below). Bumper to bumper yachts float the port of this not too shabby city.

    My brother in law and his family were on holiday from England via a Mediterranean Cruise and just so happened to be docking in Monaco while I was there.   That's what you call good timing!  

    Above, my in-laws Julian & Kim 
    and nieces Emily and Eleanore!

    Below, My two nieces and I! 
    Love them!


    These next two photos are of the view from Dinna's French Chateau balcony. 
    C'est Tres Jolie!!!

    Above a view of the city and sea at twilight.
    And below a view of the French Alps, still sprinkled with snow.


    Again me and my little Alexi!!!! Love Him!!!

    I had such an amazing time but I was very anxious to get home to my family!  Merci Beaucoup to my friends Dinna, Laurent and Little Alexi!  I miss you so much... Can't wait to see you when you come soon to America!!! xoxo