Thursday, September 16, 2010


For this week's Team Up Thursday, Krista and I chose WONDER as our theme.  Again, my imagination was bursting with ideas to portray this theme. I chose a great photo opportunity that may answer some of your own wonder.... 

Just who is the Dog behind the Blog? 

Notorious for gnawing the limbs off toy action figures, able to leap kitchen counters in the name of FOOD and faster than you can shout "Get Off The Couch"... 

Meet Soggy Dog, Dog Wonder.

Never fear people, Soggy is not as tough as he looks. He is often found cuddling with our Cat while receiving a Kitty Lick Spa Bath, though he would never admit it.

Six years ago, Soggy was rescued in the woods as a small pup along with his two sisters, who now belong to friends.  He has been the love of our life and the pain in our butt ever since.  I can't imagine the studio without him!

Back to Team Up Thursday - I am very thankful to be participating.  It has rekindled my commitment to my blog and it keeps me in touch with my great friend Krista, whom I terribly miss living nearby. Check out WONDER at Krista's blog here.  And check out more Team Up Thursday diptychs here

Thanks for taking a peek at 
what we've been up too! 
xox - Kim

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Cathy Bueti said...

Kim these are great pictures! Beautiful! Glad to meet Soggy! What a cutie! :)