Monday, September 24, 2012

Hello .... Hello... ello.... ello... ellooooo......

It's been so long since I have blogged...that I fear the only one left here is me and my echo.  I will save the excuses for a rainy day, though I have some good ones and not so good ones.   Today  I will keep my focus on art and what I have been doing with regards to it.      

There is somewhat of an art movement here in Orlando, to have various artists paint traffic transformer boxes.  I was assigned the most perfect location across from Princeton Elementary School.  

This school is near and dear to my heart as many of my family members attended here a long long long time ago.  The school has recently under went a re-vamp, though keeping with it's historical integrity.

    Ok so back to ME and my box.... the box is situated where all the kiddos cross-walk over to school, making it a "primo" spot for my style of work.    Of course I couldn't resist to paint a Soggy Doggy of sorts. I call this  artbox... "The Pup & The Poppy"! I think it sounds like something Van Gogh would have named it.  If you happen to be in the College Park neighborhood, you'll find The Pup & The Poppy at the corner of Harrison and Princeton.  


In other news I created this brassiere for a local charity auction called BRAVO.  This event  is hosted by Artisans On Fifth (an Artist Co-op that I am a member of) and will benefit women who are not financially able to afford mammograms.  I call this little piece "Bust'N with GraTITude"  Hee Hee Hee! :)


A very special announcement that I haven't really made public (other than to friends and family... oh and Facebook... so nevermind I guess it is officially "public") - is that one of my paintings was chosen by The Mount Dora Center For the Arts (MDCA), as the 2013 Mount Dora Art Fest Poster Image.  The image is still being tweaked by a graphic specialist for the poster, and novelty t-shirt and travel mugs etc, but here it is in the raw.    

As "the chosen one", my painting was purchased by MDCA and I was offered a booth at the festival - this last bit is the most amazing part as the fest is "considered" one of the nation's best art fests!!!  The festival is in February 2013 - come by and see me if you are around and in town!  

So as if I wasn't crazy busy before, I must sort myself out... get focused... and move to the South of France where I can paint everyday with proper inspiration and with out a worry in the world.   If anyone would like to donate to my dream world cause... let me know! :)

There you go... that's the good of whats been going on!  :) 

Thanks for taking a peek 
of what I've been up to! 
-Kim :) xo