Tuesday, September 14, 2010

My Travels...

During the summer in between moving and before starting a full time job, I left my boys for 10 days to visit my high school BFF, Dinna and her family in Nice, France and to attend the baptism of her son, my Godson.  Family came from Paris, Greece, England and America to celebrate the blessings of this precious little boy, Alexi.

At the time of my visit in June, Alexi was around 10 months old and full of sparkle and curiosity just like his mother Dinna, seen below.


Dinna and her French husband Laurent own a Charcuterie, a gourmet type bistro offering varieties of foods cooked with pork.  It is nestled among cobblestone streets in a city, centuries old.


The sea side in the South of France is like no other on Earth... Especially since I haven't been to any other seas on Earth aside from Florida Beaches, which are hardly a comparison. 


Not far from Nice is the royal country of Monaco (seen below). Bumper to bumper yachts float the port of this not too shabby city.

My brother in law and his family were on holiday from England via a Mediterranean Cruise and just so happened to be docking in Monaco while I was there.   That's what you call good timing!  

Above, my in-laws Julian & Kim 
and nieces Emily and Eleanore!

Below, My two nieces and I! 
Love them!


These next two photos are of the view from Dinna's French Chateau balcony. 
C'est Tres Jolie!!!

Above a view of the city and sea at twilight.
And below a view of the French Alps, still sprinkled with snow.


Again me and my little Alexi!!!! Love Him!!!

I had such an amazing time but I was very anxious to get home to my family!  Merci Beaucoup to my friends Dinna, Laurent and Little Alexi!  I miss you so much... Can't wait to see you when you come soon to America!!! xoxo

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Cathy Bueti said...

What a nice post Kim! Beautiful photos! He is a cutie pie! Sounds like you had a fabulous time! :)