Monday, September 13, 2010

Sweet Treats!!!


Look what I won  - It's Little Red, painted by Australian Artist, Kaili Ittensohn.  I am head over heels in love with Kaili's artwork and you will be too!!! Check out her blog here and facebook page here.   Kaili hosted a Facebook Fan contest, a fabulous idea I thought before I won.  And now that I  have won, I thought how wonderful it would be to pass along an opportunity to my worldwide friends and family who helped me win Little Red. 

Here's your chance to win a Sweet Tweet!

The Bird & The Butterfly
Mixed Media Original

 (image shown is watermarked) 

Here are the details....

1. Become a fan of my  
Soggy Dog Facebook Page here.
2. Suggest my page to your friends!
3. Then write to me on my facebook page, letting me know how many friends you suggested.

My Soggy Dog Studio Facebook Page is so close to having 500 Fans. I would love to see 500!!!
For each suggestion/invite you send, you will receive one entry.  So the more folks you invite the better your chances are to win The Bird & The Butterfly! I will keep the contest open through September 30th with weekly Facebook reminders. 

Thanks again to Kaili for my special Little Red, and thank you for the motivation and inspiration to host my own contest! xoxox 

Many thanks to my fans for taking the time to spread the the word! xoxox - Kim


Cathy Bueti said...

Hi Kim!

Congrats on winning! I love Kaili's art too! I follow her blog as well.

And I would love to win your beautiful artwork! I am now a fan of Soggy Dog and suggested your page to 50 friends!

Great idea my friend!


Cathy :)

ElaineTBA said...

Hi, I saw this loving painting on Brave Girls Club and then found myself on your blog. I love the painting! Thanks so much for sharing your art with us!