Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Swap Swamped!

 I think I got a little carried away with the blog swaps this year... I must have signed up for anything that crossed my desktop....  Don't get me wrong I LOVE every last bit of it, but I procrastinate and then I seep into perfectionism.  Both of these get the best of me up to the very sec before deadline.

This is my third time participating in Zan's swap.  I am not a doll maker by any definition of the sort, but I do have fun making these whimsy creations and hope their new homes enjoy them as much as I do making them.   

Here is my latest doll swap creation made for Jan of The Hermit's Garden.  We both decided to create studio elves for each other.

Clothed in canvas, stuffed with sweetness and handpainted with good lucks! I love his little scarf, it was by accident that it curled up as if to be blown by a blizzardy breeze. My sweet little elf is on his way to Texas!


 Hosted by Louise at Dream, Inspire Create.
 THE CHALLENGE: You can only use the colors: 
Red, Green or Gold

three tweet treats 
(say that 5 times fast )

Being sent to my 3 ornament swap buddies

You can see other swapped ornaments here
Many Thanks! 
  • Thanks to Zan and Louise for hosting the swap!
  • Thanks to my swap buddies, I am very excited to see what comes my way!!!
  • And thank you for taking the time to see what I've been up too!
:) xoxo - Kim

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Georgina said...

I have to be careful because like you, I get carried away with these swaps, but Zan Asha's always rock...haven't missed on either. Mine hopefully will reach Tucson, AZ today...she already sent mine...absolutely WONDERFUL!!!!

Have a great week,