Friday, December 12, 2008

News Flash!!!

We are excited to announce that our artwork is displayed online at Mommy Mastermind.

LinkThis is an exciting time for us! We've gathered a group of talented, forward-thinking at-home moms in one place: the new This is an online magazine featuring the talents, musings, and information from the moms who've been there done that.

In this first issue, you can read articles about everything from being a "bad mommy" to business how-to's. Why do we have all of this variety? The Mommy Mastermind online magazine is about you. All of you. Not just the mom. Not just the entrepreneur and not just the kids. It's about all of you.You wear a lot of hats mom. Here, you're going to read about all of them.

Welcome to the new

Angelia Kane
Editor and at-home mom

Thanks for taking the time to see what we've been up to!

Kim & Krista

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