Sunday, November 8, 2009

Give Me FIVE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

THE FIFTH DAY OF BLOGGING HAS ARRIVED... Actually I almost missed it.  I had already hopped into bed and started watching the Telly, when ... BoNK.. it hit me right on the head that I had not blogged.  If it weren't for having been so committed to the first four days, I probably would have just hit *SNOOZE*zzzzzzzzzzzz   

Though I have Blogged for Five, I didn't share half of what I was planning to!  And now sadly most of the stuff I wanted to share is dated... but I did promise my little guy Owen that I would post his Farm Trip photos to my blog....  So here we go! Watch where you step and mind the pictures, they are a little fuzzy - it's camera phone photography at it's best!

Owen catches dinner!  These poor chickens had 15 or more 6 year olds chasing after them... I've never seen anything like it!  Notice the children in the background catching Hens too!

Chow time... Don't be mistaken by their goat like appearance... 
these were some greedy little Pigs!!!

Ahhhh the Hay Ride... 

Just how many boys can you fit on a tractor?  
Notice there are NO GIRLS!!!!!!!! ohh maybe just one!

Oink Oink!
Makes you want one huh!  Loved this pig! 

SMILE & Say PuMpKiN!

Just before Halloween, Krista and I had the pleasure of painting fall windows for our children's classrooms....  

Let me just say even though Owen is wearing a jumper in this photo, the FLORIDA weather outside was NOT feeling like Fall :(

Anyway, that's it for now.... 
Thanks for taking the time to see what I've been up to for 5 DAYS!

:) xoxo - Kim


TJ Lubrano said...

Yay! You did it! Blogged for 5 days haha!

Lovely pictures ^_^! Your son looks adorable! Xoxo!

julissa said...

Look at those happy fall windows! Very cute!