Friday, September 11, 2009

Portrait of an Artist...

So normally, I wouldn't post posed photographs of myself on my blog or anywhere else for that matter. Mainly because, well lets be honest I usually look like a GOON in photographs.  I am either blinking, making quirky faces or showing off 5 chins... it does not make for pretty!!!

...But after my super extreme haircut I decided it was time to update some photos and create my new Artist Profile, if you will.... :)

Bloggers Beware....  I am about to brag... not about my un-natural born beauty, but about the talented eye behind the camera, my little sister, Emily Brown.   Starting out, Emily was best know for her incredible self portraits taken with just the click of her cellphone camera (see below).  She has since invested in a new camera and is making a go of it professionally! 


So off we went on a beautiful Florida Sunny/Rainy Day.... And Voila, see for yourself ... AMAZING... if I do say so myself! :)  Not quirky...Not blinking...And no 5 chin pile up! Just simply Lovely & Amazing!  

Thank you Emily for a fabulous day 
and making me look less like a GOON.
YOU are Lovely & Amazing!!!       
Love You!!! xoxox

AND to the rest of you folks....
Thanks for taking the time! 
:) xoxoxooo - Kim


noodle and lou said...

they are awesome!! way to go emily and kim:) xox...jenn

Soggy Dog said...

Thanks Jenn! - Glad you got Flat Soggy in the mail - Wow that was fast... I only sent him out on Saturday...
Enjoy the magnets... I have a lot to spare they seem to be overflowing all over the house! :) - Kim

TJ Lubrano said...

Hi Kim!! Oh those pictures are lovely!! I like them, the surrounding and the person in it ^_^. You look lovely on them and your new haircut is so nice.! Yes, I did say that already, but I had to say it again haha. Emily is looking so pretty too. Such blue eyes! She does have a talent for photographing!
Ciao!! XOXO

hevn said...

I'll be truthful and say that you look nothing like a goon. LOL. You're actually very pretty. Serious!

But you're sister is one amazing photographer! The shots shown are really good!!

Amberbop said...

Thanks so much for the last photo there. It made me feel like I had a kindred spirit in Soggy Dog Studios. My hand held personal photos end up with me looking like my nose is approx. 3/4 of my face. so your sister is definitely rocking a mega talent.
P.S. Great haircut!

Sonny said...

Great photo shots. Looks like you had TONS of fun! Woot! :)

The first "Tuesday Talent" is posted. Please stop by and say hello and greet the featured artist.

I would be honored if you could drop by.


TJ Lubrano said...

Yoohoo Kim *waves*! I just saw your lovely, lovely comment and I responded to it on my blog, but just to make sure you read it, I post it here too ^_^:

HAPPY BIRTHDAY to your brother!! Hope he has a wonderful day!
Hmm I started calling my brother Tousuke, because we watched an anime together and the main character behaved a lot like my little brother. His name was Sasuke. And one time I mixed up and called him Tousuke and well it sticked haha.

And thank you for your lovely comments on my blog as well! I really appreciate it! 10 inches!! Man that is a lot! Wow! Did you just decide one day to cut it? But yeah good and bad days...tell me about it! It's always a bad day when you hope to be a good day..ehm..something like that ^_^

Being random is totally fine! You really don't want to know how I start talking about a topic from school and I end up talking about ducks who terrorize my street...true story. I have Ducks who terrorize my street.

You are really too sweet! And you beat me to it! I was already pondering what to give you for your birthday hahaha. Sure I'll give you my address...but I need yours in return hehehe ^_^!! Time is passing by really quickly indeed! Only a few weeks!

Ciao!! Xoxo

justagirl said...

Wow these are amazing! such a talented little sister you have...

julissa said...

They are all beautiful! Your sister did a great job! :)

susanc said...

Very pretty!

Dallas Shaw said...

so great, wish i had a little more time to play with my camera