Friday, August 27, 2010

Illustration Friday Topic: - Immovable / HB2U

Bless Our New Home,
Let Our Hearts be Immovable!

After moving 2 times in the past 5 months, I would say this week's IF topic: Immovable, tingles our heartstrings and our funny bones.  Its been a very crazy 2010 thus far, but one thing that I have learned from all the chaos is that no matter where we roam our true friendships will follow us along our journey.  Thanks to all my great friends who have continued to keep in touch - your friendships are priceless.  xoxo - Kim

Wishing A Very Happy Birthday to 
My God Daughter Kate.  9 Years!!!!
Toothless - Kate & Owen at Universal Studios after a wet ride
I Heart You Kate! 
xoxo - Kim


julie Haymaker thompson said...

I have read so many blogs of people moving this last year . I myself moved twice this year too . It is very wierd I wonder what all the movemet means ?? For one thing it has helped me reduce the clutter.

Julissa said...

Hi Kim! Thanks for the lovely visit :) I've been so behind of illustration friday hehe. It's good to see you're still keeping up with it. Perfect ideas too for this weeks challenge word. hugs :)