Thursday, August 19, 2010

Long Story Short

This year has brought many things.... but blog posts it has not. Long story short... I  moved twice in 5 months and started a full time job, along with a bunch of bits and pieces in between.  With each spontaneous occasion, I hear a little voice inside that says "How incredible - You should blog that"... but then tick-tock on the clock and before I know it -life has moved on and "the something incredible" has now become old news.

My blog and my readers are truly like old friends.  Maybe you can relate with the friend you've lost touch with and though you are friends forever, you don't really know where to start to catch them up on things... and so you don't.  
Even though I haven't posted in very many moons, I visit my blog almost everyday.... Checking out my favorite bloggers who have recently posted, seeing who has visited my blog lately and sometimes I just stop by to listen to the sound of music.  But mostly I come for inspiration... wishing, hoping and praying that I will find the time to create and blog in my crazy schedule of being a full time working mom, who feels like she is carrying the family's shell around on her back.  

Sooo, thank you for your support and patience while I find space on the clock to work in a post or two.       xoxo

On a different note... One day when I happened upon my blog, I noticed that my banner had disappeared...  I am not sure what happened but in my search to find the banner image in my ultra-unorganized computer files, I came across all of my old banners...   Again, it was like rediscovering photos of old friends and remembering the good times.... so here I would like to share with you.  Those of you that have been reading for some time might remember some of these...

Thanks for taking a peek!!!
Please come back to see what I have been up too! 
xoxo - Kim


julie Haymaker thompson said...

I know the feelling I move dtwice this last year too and HMM wonder why a feel so far behind!!

sUz said...

i'm with you sweet kim! we moved in may and this month. life is just CRAZY - oh, wait, i'm the crazy one!

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xOx, sUz :)

Quase Blog da Li said...

I came here now.
I know how to have a life filled with chores
certainly come up here for news.
I liked it very much!

Soggy Your dog is lovely!
see you soon,
we see there,