Thursday, March 12, 2009

WOW - We got an award! What an honor it is to be recognized by a fellow blogger!  Thanks so much to Suzi at Art...With a Touch of Whimsy (who is super cool herself) for giving us this award. We are blushing!

Okay so I am told we are supposed to list the 7 things we love and then 7 other bloggers we think deserve this award. Well I can't speak for Krista (although I often try), she has been MIA with some VIP stuff for a little while, but she promises to grant us with her talent and witty words shortly...

So here's my list of 7 things I LOVE....
aside from my love for art and all things created which is a given....

1) lingering dinners with family and friends.
2) hugs, kisses & cuddles with my boys, my hubby included :)
3) soccer season with my boys
4) surprises (the good kind)
5) roller coasters (the loopty loo kind)
6) travel (the overseas kind)
7) little sisters and lady bugs (oops thats eight)

Now on to the 7 Blogs I love.  A post or two ago I listed a few of my most favorite bloggers.... Given this opportunity, I decided to do some exploring in Blogland and found plenty to add to my list of favorites.  So here are 7 of my new favorite finds. I hope they will give you as much inspiration and giggles as they do me!

As always Thanks for taking the time!!!!!!
:) - Kim, the Queen of Commas


PS said...

Hey Kim! Congratulations on your blog award!!! Very cool. I also saw the post on the event this Saturday. I wish I could come so I could see you and all the great things you are doing, but I will be getting ready for my daughter's birthday party.

Maybe we can catch up some other way/time. My mom says "Hi". ~Paula F. (from Maitland)

Heather said...

aw, you're sweet! thanks so much for the award! :D

Kaili (Billy and Button) said...

Congrats on the award lovely! You deserve every success :D (And yes I agree both my boys are cuties!)

linda cardina said...

congratulations on your award! i'm glad i stumbled upon your blog...enjoyed it thoroughly! xo linda

Diane Duda said...

stopping by to let you know that my "Best Buds" painting is available as a print now. I even have a brown haired version too.

Congratulations on the award! :)


suze said...

Congrats! And thank you for passing your award on to me. Come check out the things I love.

Ronnie said...

Enjoyed exploring your blog this morning. Glad to have you join all us homemade coffee drinkers who leaf through blogs as our morning down time! Can't imagine life without it!