Monday, March 9, 2009


Hi Everyone... 
I've been a stranger to posting for the past week or two.
I wish I could say I have a grand masterpiece to show off, but honestly I haven't been working much in the studio this past week.  I have been working on a few art projects, but those are going to take some time.  Anyway, I felt it was time to at least drop in and say hello. 
I do have one thing I can share... a personal commitment. 

Ok those that know me well will probably assume I am fibbing, but those of you that don't know my dirty little secret - let me just clue you in on a very expensive habit I have.... Its called "Morning Take Out Coffee" MTOC..... Every single morning without fail, after dropping off my boys at school, I head on down to my local Dunkin Donuts and buy the biggest Cup of Joe they have to offer.  Its my morning ritual and I could care less if the line circled the building three times around.  Its my downtime.  Often I will use this time to make a phone call, read through a magazine or just stare into space - whatever it is -  its one window of time that I look forward to everyday.... until Tuesday last week.  Tuesday is when I committed to saving myself almost 3$ a day and sparing the world one less non-biodegradable Styrofoam cup.  Lets be honest here, cutting down caffeine was not on my agenda.
S0 I have committed to driving straight home and drinking (dare I say it) homemade coffee.   Unfortunately, this does not open the same window of time that my beloved drive thru coffee offered.  Instead I arrive home to laundry, dishes and hairy floors Oh My!  At home there's a list of must do's that stretch from here to yonder and it seems sinful to sit down and enjoy a sacred cup of coffee.  Shouldn't I be doing a load of laundry in between sips?    So after much self pity and debating my decision to save some money, save the world....   I have figured out a way to make my "self made coffee" SMC drinking experience more pleasurable....    

First, I considered the cup... the coffee mugs that currently shared the shelf of my cabinets, were Blissful Holiday Mugs from many years past.  These mugs didn't scream "relax for a moment" they screamed "Merry Christmas" and "Fa La La La".  What I needed was a pretty mug!   And I found them....

Birds have been flying themselves into my artwork lately and I figured why not continue on with my inspiration.... You'll also find one of my favorite new mugs shown here which inspired the new blog banner.   Mmmmmm My coffee taste better already!

I used to thumb through magazines while I sat and waited for each car to take it's turn.  But, in keeping with the theme of saving money, I haven't renewed any of my magazines.  Instead I read through blogs of other artists who inspire me.  Its now something to look forward to as each artist updates their blog, its like a fresh new magazine to flip through.  Crisp pictures, inspiring ideas and great humor.  Here are just a few of the bloggers I love... I encourage you take a look, but be careful they are addicting!

And finally...
(I do encourage those of you that receive our blog via e-mail to come take a look at the blogsite, you'll find other little goodies laying about and some great tunes to stream all day!

So now no more wasting time and being idle in the drive thru, I have better ways to spend my time. Now if I can just get used to the time change.... getting up an hour earlier yi yi yi!

I plan to be back in the studio this week doing what I love!  

We love hearing back from you all, please please leave us comment below!
And thanks for taking the time.

- Kim


asdeepastheocean said...

I love the mugs, Kim! Great idea. All your work is always awesome.

Jordan said...

Love it!!!! I will blog... I promise!!! That's my new commitment!

Soggy Dog said...

Thanks - that is nice of you.

I'll be waiting for your brilliant blog!

:) - Kim

DawnBarnett said...

I'm so proud of you Kim. That's a huge commitment, DD will miss your beautiful smile every morning. Dare I ask if Chipotle is the next target? Do what you love, love what you do. Dawn

suziart said...

Great mugs! I absolutely love your work and banner. My caffiene ritual is with tea, I have to have it every morning. I will use a special cup and sit down at my computer and graze over the art blogs, it is like a new magazine every day. And now that so many of my fav zines have stopped publication, this is my saving grace...and probably better with the communication between fellow creators!

Kaili said...

Great post Kim!

I had a chuckle and I totally empathise with not being able to *relax* at home when there is always something to be done! Im so honoured (yes that is spelt right here in OZ, we use 'U's alot) that Billy & Button made your list of inspiring blogs!

I love your art work and your new banner, I cannot wait to see some more!

sUz said...

I adore this post kiM - you are TOO cute!
Thanks for the smile and the love :)
iN jOy,