Monday, March 23, 2009

I don't care what anyone says I love this gloomy weather!

What's there not to love about rain drops dripping down the window, tall green oak trees against the dark cloudy skies, and hangin' out in your sweats all day! I love it! Not only has this weather put me in a mood to get messy and creative... it's also given me some time to think about some things that have really been on mind mind like...

How possibly could anyone in their right mind think that it's okay to cut arts and sports out of schools! My life with Fast Boy (Jordan) would be unimaginable if he did not have sports and arts in his life. Having ADHD has been a negative but has also made him excel in these two areas! I can't imagine the little boy or girl whose parents don't have the money to buy art supplies or the time to sit and teach them how to draw... what a loss. For some school is the only way that these children can express themselves through the arts and sports! That is why I am diligently working on something to contribute... stay tuned for updates on that VIP project coming in the Fall!

I do need to go and get working, but I did want to stick with my commitment to blog more often. Hey and who cares if it's raining... let the kids get wet, and maybe you should join them too! We all need to remember how to look at the world through the eye's of a child! Enjoy the day no matter how gloomy you might think it is!

Oh and did my little friend Kim crawl back into bed?? Where are you?



Soggy Dog said...

Most may think you are crazy... but you know how I feel about rainy days... I was hoping for a little lightning and thunder... but no such luck... Ohwell!

And... NO I did not go back to bed... I am working on something in the way of Art.. ;)

Let Rain!

linda cardina said...

OMG!!! i loOOOOVE gloomy weather!! i don't know what it is but my friends and sisters think i am crazy! nothing better than sitting in during a thunderstorm, having a cup of tea or coffee and creating until my little hearts content. ...or if the kids and hubby are home i love renting videos and snuggling. the gloomy weather. xoxoxlinda

Audra, Green Meadow Lane said...

I love gloomy days as well especially if I can light a fire. We have a few inches of snow on the ground today and are at 38 degrees, but I love it!