Wednesday, April 22, 2009

What an Amazing Day... It's Earth day!

April 22nd, 2009 the day each year that our creativity and desire to be outside really gets to the Brock Bunch! This year was no different... Lake Louisa State Park was the chosen location to get out and really appreciate this great place we live... EARTH!

Sketch books and pencils were in tow, no need to change our clothes... we wanted to get to the lake to have some fun!

The mangroves were "actually enormous" according to Jordan,

and Amber couldn't believe all the dragonflies & butterflies in the air!

It was an amazing day... we couldn't help but think that Mother Earth was showing off a bit!

All her little critters were out and playing, the colors of the sky, trees, and water were vibrant!

Splish! Splash! Splosh!

It was beautiful!

Their was definitely a magical feeling that we couldn't deny!

Don't just make today the only day that you get out to appreciate this great place we live!
Get out splash in the water, watch the trees blow in the wind,
and feel that magical feeling everyday!


Happy Earth Day Friends,

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