Wednesday, April 8, 2009


Something must be wrong with me. I haven't blogged in over a week. Maybe it is because I haven't made anything new to show or maybe it's because my studio is STILL MESSY.  I don't know, but because I have been SOOO lame, I decided to make up for it with...

(drum roll please)

Our First EVER GIVE AWAY!!!!!!!!!!!

Many of my favorite bloggers do Drawing Give Aways.  I have even been lucky enough to win one or two of them.  So now I've decided it's finally time to give back!   

Like I said, I haven't created anything new recently. Here is what I have to offer from the Sock Monkey Explosion.  A set of 4 Sock Monkey Note Cards With Envelopes (each a different design as seen below)

So here's how it goes -
Click "COMMENTS" below
Leave me a friendly little comment (I LOVE GETTING COMMENTS!)
Your name will then be entered into a drawing to take place in lets say.... one week from Today. That would be APRIL 15th, otherwise known in the USA as D-DAY / INCOME TAX DEADLINE DAY (this not a celebrated holiday).  Well anyway, I hope my little drawing gives you all something to look forward to!!!  

I hope that makes up for my lack of blogging!  Thanks so much for taking the time!  Glad you stopped by for a visit!  Don't forget to check back on APRIL 15 to see if you are a winner.  

:) - Kim


asdeepastheocean said...

I still am, and will always be, your biggest fan!


Carmen said...

LOVE your sock monkeys!!! Count me in!

Kaili (Billy and Button) said...

Yay! You're back! Id love to be counted in your first ever giveaway, thankyou!

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

Sign me up for the drawing! LOVE the sock monkey note cards. Always looking for cute cards to send to my Great Aunt. She would love these.

Andy B. said...

Susan would love these (as would Connor). :-)

Amy said...

I just found Soggy Dog Studios and your blog thanks to Andy. Your playful and spirited work is so welcoming! I have added myself as one of your blog followers. Look forward to seeing more!

sUz said...

hi kiM! Lovin' your sock monkeys; way too much fun!
Hope you have a hApPy eaSter!
iN jOy,

glorv1 said...

I think your sock monkeys are the cutest I've seen yet. You can count me in and also have a great Easter. Take care.

Shelley said...

OOO i remember my brother having one of these sock monkeys when he was little, if i win, I am going to mail him one......count me in on the draw....

Love your work!