Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Self Help Art and the Letter S

Here's the latest paint swirl... I guess I was in the mood for creating self help art... I randomly cropped words from a book and then stacked them to read:

 "We must learn to be come ourselves without despair, learn to live our own life in in the same world together and truly see one another with new eyes"    

Yup that's a Kim Turner original quote! You better write that one down people! :)   And then for lack of more random words, I  quoted Gandhi:

"Be the change you want to see in the world"  

This one I am really trying to live by!

okay - so summer is officially 3 more school days away.  My son Owen has been counting down the days on our kitchen chalkboard. 

It has been a long year for that little guy, I hate to tell him that he has 12 more long years - not counting college.  My other son Dylan will be starting middle school next year. I am not sure who is more nervous me or him... probably me!  

So I have been jotting down ideas of how to affordably spend our summer! So far I have: 

1. swimming  

How's that for a list?  

Soooooo folks, how will you entertain your little monsters and goblins during the next approximate 10 weeks, 70 days or so?  Hit me with some ideas!  That means... leave me a Comment! :) Please & Thank You!

Ok I am off to soccer practice.... Oh I can add that to the list too... swimming & soccer.  Maybe we will only do things that start with the letter S this Sssssummer! :)

Ssseee Ya! - Kim :)

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