Monday, May 18, 2009



Upon our arrival, we were meeted and greeted (not eated)
by these large lounging lizards.

It was such a hot and humid day.... that water looked almost nice enough to dive into... ALMOST!

Jordan here, made a bet with this gator that he could not be swallowed whole!

He was right.... and was spit back out drenched in gator slobber!

Here's Owen sharing baaaaad jokes with a goat!

Smile - Your on Iphone Camera!

HEllo.  HeLLo.  HellO. HEllO. hELLO.  HeLLO.

After an educational day at Gatorland, Owen & Jordan knew just what they wanted to be when they grow up!
Dentists! :)

Okey Dokey - Enough of the cheesy theme park narration.... 

Thank you for taking the time to see what we've been up to!
Kim & Krista

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