Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Clean Sweep - A studio makeover

It was just about this time last year when we tore the roof off of our home sweet home and began "the RENOVATION"...(otherwise know as the REVOLUTION). We moved in Christmas Eve - because we were insistent to everyone we knew that we WOULD be in before Christmas 2007.
It wasn't long before the blueprint space I had dreamed about and coined "the studio loft" was filled with boxes of you name it.
My beloved studio had become the storage room before it even had a chance. The more we unpacked, the more we stored... and so on and so on. But finally on this given day (three months later - no comment) I can say with much blood, sweat and tears (stubbing toes, climbing stairs & looking through old pictures) that we no longer have a untidy storage room.... but in its place - a beautiful studio loft... Let there be ART!

So the studio loft overlooks the living room...allowing me to keep an eye on the monster and goblin down below... quick look fast while they are getting along.

Dylan & Owen sharing the "final" bedtime story.

Ohhhh and look how everything has its place - yeah that's until I start working and then its a free for all. I am not what you call a neat and organized artist... Is there even such a thing?

Oh - Did I mention my ulterior motive - It was my husband's birthday today. I decided that I would give him a cheap / but not easy present by cleaning out the office which is also housed in the studio loft. Win Win!

Now I just need to throw in some rugs and some artwork to warm the place up - Oh and peel the energy efficient stickers off the windows - (minor details) Thanks for taking the tour - Stop by again :) - Kim


Jenn said...

Oh my gosh it looks AMAZING Kim!! I am so jealous of that huge, wide open space! I'm sooooo happy you got your mini Minnie:) She is so honored to come live with you!!!! I'm on my way to add you to my blogroll so that I don't forget to visit you!!!! xox...jenn

Jenn said...

AHHH...I'm not Jake...that is my son and I don't know how to get that off my profile!! I'm such a goof!!

MiKa Art said...

This is wonderful!! I wish I can clean up my environment... Happy first day of spring!

me/beth said...

Looks great Kim! I'm jealous- all the beautiful hardwood floors & beautiful light & space! ( I am aghast that you are calling my little buddies the goblin & the monster though! Ha)-but its cute.