Thursday, November 22, 2007

5 Random Things

5 Random things - Very lovely Mika tagged me - I hope this ends up turning out all right and I haven't linked everyone to Tim-buc-tu (sp)!

1. Today is Thanksgiving.... And in my 35 years - I have NEVER cooked a Turkey! I am the side-dish bringer!

2. I have never broken a bone - or had the chicken pox.

3. I have some kind of electro-magnectic energy about me that bursts light bulbs all the time.

4. I hate balloons and clowns... and the dark!

5. I have two boys, two cats, one dog and one husband. (not necessarily in that order) :)

Here are the rules:
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2. Share 5 facts about yourself on your blog, some random, some weird.
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Just playing along here.... You may not know me - but if you were tagged it is because I am a big fan of your work!
Artista Blog
Kimberly Lynn Dolls
jo tran
Sunberst Illustration + Design


MiKa Art said...

Hahaha, how can you do that with light bulbs?!
Happy thanksgiving!!

Anonymous said...

I haven't broken a bone or had the chicken pox either!

So let's see, we are both Libras named Kimberly . . .

Wish I was still thirty-five. I was thirty pounds lighter then. HA!

Kimberly Lynn

Soggy Dog Studios said...

Oh my gosh!!!!! I said I was 35, but I just turned 36! Apparently I am in complete denial! Wow - we must have been twins in a former life! :) - Kim

jobooty said...

Hi thanks for the link back! I like how whimsical your work is =)